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Nuraj Maskey


Nuraj, a computer science major, chose to attend Texas A&M University-Commerce because he saw it as a great way to kick-start his career in computer programming and analysis. 

"I didn't know anything about computers before I came to A&M-Commerce," Nuraj said. "Within a year I learned how to program in various languages."

Nuraj specifically credits his system analysis and design class, taught by Dr. Thomas Kollman, for providing him with indispensable knowledge and computer skills.

"Dr. Kollman shares the lessons he learned during his years as a computer system analyst with the class," Naraj said. "The real-life computer science projects he assigns have prepared each of us for our careers in the industry."

In the future, Nuraj hopes to work as a programmer or analyst in the computer science field, a goal Nuraj is confident he'll attain thanks to the knowledge and computer proficiency he's gained at A&M-Commerce.

"I've learned so much in a short time here," Naraj said. "The university has exceeded my expectations."