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Ashley Johnson

Ashley JohnsonAshley, a graduate student in the marketing program, chose Texas A&M University-Commerce not only for its prestige as part of the A&M system, but also because of the convenient way the university’s online classes fit into her busy schedule.

“The online classes give me a lot of flexibility,” Ashley said. “I can dedicate time to all my classes without having to neglect my other priorities.”

So far, the class that has impacted Ashley the most is her business to business marketing class, where she gets to work with a small group to learn about creating marketing plans for the business to business community. The class allows the students to work with a business out of Fort Worth to create a new product line and business strategies.

Ashley’s favorite professor is Dr. John Humphreys, her management professor, whose dedication has greatly impacted her. She feels that his influence truly helps prepare his students for the marketing field.

“Dr. Humphreys is always available,” Ashley said. “Not only is he responsive and interactive in the classroom, but he’s always pushing his students to do more, to think of the class not just as a grade, but as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally.”

Ashley JohnsonFor Ashley, A&M-Commerce has provided a solid foundation for a career in marketing while fitting conveniently into her lifestyle. She is confident that the university has given her not only a prestigious degree, but also great learning experiences that will help her to be ready for whatever challenges await her.