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Khimen Cooper

Khimen Cooper
Khimen, an English student, has always been interested in art, but found her niche in the Texas A&M University-Commerce English department, where she can combine her love for writing with her love for art.

Khimen wants to write and illustrate children’s books, and enjoys creating characters and stories. Her work as an English student compliments her drive to be creative, and she enjoys learning about new ways to express herself through writing.

“It’s been amazing,” Khimen said. “I love this department and I love the professors I’ve had. One of my professors encouraged me to go to grad school and I’ve decided to do that.”

Khimen had a professor that persuaded her to try to have one of her final essays published. She submitted the paper for publication and was denied, but got something out of the experience anyway.

“It was a learning experience because when I got the denial for the paper they told me the reasons why it had been denied and gave me advice on what I could do to make it better,” Khimen said. “I still plan to do that.”

A&M-Commerce has allowed Khimen to network with other students and professors who support her and has provided her with valuable experiences that she can use as she continues to be creative and express herself.

Khimen Cooper