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Franco Carabajal

France Carbajal

Franco, a music student, chose Texas A&M University-Commerce because of its small, friendly atmosphere and reputation for one-on-one attention in the classroom. For him the university is an ideal place to learn about music alongside other students with the same dreams and instructors who really care.

Franco’s primary interest centers around the saxophone, and he enjoys learning to play a variety of music and exploring the instrument’s many facets.

“Playing the saxophone involves playing two different types of music, jazz on one side and classical on the other,” Franco said. “You often don’t know what group you belong to, whether you’re a jazz or classical player. My goal is to be both.”

For Franco, learning about music involves studying various instruments and the many different modes of music each can create. Because of this he is very interested in the piano, and is especially inspired by piano instructor Libby Vanatta’s teaching methods.
“Ms. Vanatta makes sure everybody is on top of the game,” Franco said. “She takes time with each student to make sure that everyone is keeping up and everyone understands proper fingering techniques.”

Franco feels that the small campus community allows instructors like Vanatta to take time with every student, teach each one on an individual level and make sure that students are getting the most out of their education.

“I feel that here in a small community you get to find out who you really are,” Franco said. “In a bigger campus you would be just one of many. Here you are treated like an individual.”

France Carbajal