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Sean Berry

Sean BerrySean, a senior photography major, selected Texas A&M University-Commerce because of the quality of student work produced within the university’s photography department.

 On campus, Sean enjoys the help and support of fellow photography students and professors, and loves the experience of learning alongside them. One of his most influential instructors has been photography teacher Greg Milano, who is also a practicing photographer in Dallas.

An experience that particularly shaped Sean’s photography career was moving to New York for an internship with Atlantic Records. During his time in NYC, he had opportunities to shoot album covers, artists, and live performances. His photographs have been featured in publications including Rolling Stone and USA Today.

Live music performances are among Sean’s favorite things to shoot. Berry has taken photographs of many different performers and bands, some of which include Wiz Khalifa, Bad City, and New Medicine.

“I really fell in love with taking pictures of live performances because it’s unlike shooting anything else,” says Berry. “You don’t have any control. The lights are constantly changing and the musicians are constantly moving around.”

For Berry, A&M-Commerce has provided some great stepping stones for helping him pursue his passion. He is currently practicing portrait photography and design.