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Vice President for Student Access & Success

***Effective March 1, 2017: Enrollment Management and Student Affairs will be under the direct supervision of the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs. The website will be updated over time to reflect these changes.***

About Student Access and Success:

The Division of Student Access and Success was created in January 2009 to provide students at Texas A&M University-Commerce with opportunities and experiences that will foster their access to and success in higher education. The unprecedented organizational structure of this division reflects a continuum of support services that are required for today’s students to have the transformational experience desired from earning a college degree.

Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Student Access and Success is to make Texas A&M-University-Commerce accessible to all college-ready students and to ensure that they are successful in obtaining their degrees as quickly as possible so that they can begin to make a difference in their communities, the state, the nation, and the world.

Our Vision

We want you to see and experience: A  dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable, and caring team working together to make certain students have access to a successful educational experience so that when they graduate, they distinguish themselves in their chosen career and become  life-long learners who can effectively lead and serve their communities, the state,  the nation, and the world.

Our Goals

Meet or exceed the university’s annual strategic enrollment goals. Improve service to students by focusing on student satisfaction, establishing repeatable and regularly evaluated processes, and by improving efficiencies across units.Provide support services that improve students’ educational experience.Lead the university in providing opportunities for student development and engagement.Use the key performance indicators of student enrollment, retention, graduation, and placement for continuous improvement.