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Council Charge

  • Develop a model for allocating additional operating budget (or one-time funds) campus-wide, taking into consideration the metrics-based operating model for academic departments developed last year.
  • Review the option of developing a one-time merit allocation vs. a permanent merit allocation.
  • Develop an allocation method for meeting academic priorities as funding becomes available (i.e. faculty lines, adjuncts, summer school, GAs).
  • Based on the strategic plan, allocate one-time seed money (approximately $400,000) for innovative initiatives that would improve operational efficiencies and/or generate future revenues.
  • Based on the strategic plan, identify a minimum of one percent of the annual budget to fund innovative new initiatives and/or meet University priorities, or if needed, to cover state reductions.  Note: If one percent is not needed to cover budget reductions, this recommendation can be based on a reallocation within each division level.



  • Paula Hanson, Co-Chair
  • Tina Livingston, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Sal Attardo
  • Dr. Brent Donham
  • Dr. Randy Harp
  • Dr. Lavelle Hendricks
  • Dr. Mary Beth Sampson
  • Tim McMurray
  • Dr. Tomás Aguirre
  • Linda King 
  • Dr. Tim Letzring
  • Dr. Matt Wood
  • Greg Mitchell
  • Dr. Hunter Hayes
  • Derryle Peace
  • Erica Contreras
  • Dr. Dina Sosa
  • Donna Spinato
  • Dr. Stephen Starnes
  • Tim Willett
  • Michael Stark
  • Dr. Dale Funderburk
  • Mark Giossi
  • Marshall Campbell
  • Dr. Chad King
  • Janet Anderson
  • Dr. Tabetha Adkins
  • Sarah Baker
  • Dr. Ray Green

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr. Shonda Gibson
  • Rebekah Cooper - SGA President