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Federation Symposium 2018 winners

2018 Federation Research Symposium

The Federation of North Texas Area Universities is a consortium of three institutions in the North Texas area:

  1. Texas Woman’s University
  2. Texas A&M University—Commerce
  3. University of North Texas

The primary purpose of the Federation is to engage in institutional collaborations for excellence in selected graduate degree programs and fields of study, to facilitate graduate students’ professional development and research opportunities, and to coordinate administrative services for the benefit of graduate students at the three institutions. The Federation has operated since 1968 when it was approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The 2018 symposium was held on March 23, 2018 in Denton at Texas Women's University in Hubbard Hall.  

A&M-Commerce winners were:

  • 2nd Place - $250  Armine Poghosayan Identifying Factors Impacting Households' Demand for Organic and Conventional Flour in the United States HUM - Agriculture
  • 3rd Place - $100 Ajogu Idoko-Akoh Business Analytics - CBE: Saving students time and money  HUM – Marketing & Business Analytics

Armine Poghosayan and Ajogu Idoko-Akoh

Winners from all universities:


1st Place - Sheila Bustillos, TWU

2nd Place Tie - Armine Poghosyan, TAMUC

                    - Jordan Rogers and Megan Douglas, UNT

3rd Place - Ajogu Idoko-Akoh, TAMUC


1st Place - Paramita Basu, TWU

2nd Place - Ridwan Fayez Hossain, UNT

3rd Place - Allison Osmanson, UNT​


Posters were accepted from Master’s and Doctoral students attending

• Texas A&M University–Commerce
• Texas Woman’s University 
• University of North Texas

in two categories 
1) HUM - Humanities, Education, Social Sciences, & Business; OR 
2) STEM - Mathematics, Science, & Technology

1st place $500
2nd place $250
3rd place $100

The Symposium was open to all Texas A&M-Commerce graduate students for master's and doctoral level research. The Federation Research Symposium provides an opportunity for students to present research in a poster format while interacting and discussing the research with faculty, judges, and other participants. The symposium also provides the participants with a broader exposure to the TAMUC community. The Federation Research Symposium website:

2017 Federation Symposium Photos and Winners