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UPD Staff

Chief of Police
Bryan Vaughn 903-886-5868 or Email

Assistant Chief of Police
Kyle Lowe 903-886-5868 or Email

Crime Information Officer
LT. Jason Bone 903-886-5868 or Email


Lt. Glen McCull 903-468-3207 or email

Administrative Coordinator

Lisa Rudd 903-886-5863 or Email

Administrative Assistant
Melanie Clayton 903-886-5869 or Email


The University Police Department strives to be the most professional it can possibly be. Any individual wishing to become an employee of the UPD must apply with the Human Resource Department at A&M-Commerce. Each applicant must pass a stringent interview process, a strict background check, and must possess the highest ethical qualities.

Once prospective employees have been offered employment with the University Police Department, a strict regimen of training must be completed. Depending on the position, all employees are trained by senior personnel and must demonstrate an acceptable level of performance before their training is complete.

Patrol Officers

Each police officer employed by the University Police Department is a fully licensed Texas Peace Officer with full arrest powers. The patrol division consists of 14 patrol officers, and three shift sergeants. There are three shifts of officers, each with its own sergeant.

Security Officers

The University Police Department has 3 security officers when fully staffed. These officers are non-commissioned, with different authority from the police officers. They perform many tasks such as building checks, motorist assists, building patrols and much more. Their support aides the police officers, allowing them to patrol more often and in more areas. In many ways the security officers are the backbone of the department.

Security Officers are spread throughout three shifts, and each shift answers to a shift sergeant.

Communications Officers

Communications Officers, or Dispatchers, are usually the first person someone talks to when there is an emergency or other problem. Our dispatch personnel are also the ones first seen upon entering the University Police Department. The department could not function without their professional presence.

Dispatchers, unlike Security and Patrol Officers, are spread throughout four shifts, and answer to a shift sergeant.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations, C.I.D., is a necessary part of any police department. While most cases are solved by patrol officers in the field, CID plays a vital part in investigating and clearing offenses reported to the UPD.

If you are the victim of an offense and want to know the status of your report, or just want to pass along information, contact Sgt. Ray Dittrich at or Sgt. Chad Bollard at

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