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UPD Divisions

Patrol Division 

The patrol division consists of 12 Police Officers certified by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education. These officers conduct preventative patrol on foot, vehicle and bicycle. These officers are the core of the department, and are the first line of defense for crime. Each officer must pass a rigorous background check, and meet our high standards prior to interview. Each officer has full law enforcement authority with powers of arrest.

Security Division 

The department’s security division is responsible for overseeing the security of the university's facilities. These officers must also meet the department’s high standards for its employees. Each Security Officer must pass an extensive background check, and receive 8 weeks of intensive training upon hiring. The Security Officers have no arrest authority, but do have authority to issue citations. 

Dispatch Division 

The department’s dispatch division is many people’s first contact with the department when they are in need of assistance. Our dispatchers must also pass an intensive background check and receive 4 weeks of on the job training. The Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Education certifies each dispatcher as a Telecommunicator. These dedicated individuals work around the clock to monitor the department’s 911-system and police radio. 

Criminal Investigations Division 

The department has a criminal investigations division that is responsible for investigating all crimes reported to the University Police Department. The criminal investigation division, or CID, also serves as crime victim assistance officers.

Administrative Division 

The administration division serves in a support and leadership capacity to the rest of the department. The division consists of an Office Manager, an Administrative Assistant, a Public Relations Officer, an Assistant Chief, and the Chief of Police.

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