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UPD Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park after 3 PM without a permit?

  • No, you must have a current parking permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If I am a visitor to the campus how can I avoid getting a parking citation?

  • If your business is at the McDowell Administration building, you can park for a half hour in the front without getting a citation.  If you are going to be on campus for longer, go by the cashier's window for a complimentary visitor's permit.  Visitor permits can be obtained online here.

If I get a citation, can I appeal it?

  • Yes, you have five days from the receipt of your citation to file an appeal.  Appeals are handled at the Cashier's window at the One Stop Shop.

I am a student at the Metroplex Campus, Do I still need a parking permit the few times I come to the Commerce Campus?

  • Yes, everyone must have an A&M-Commerce parking permit.  You may pick up a temporary permit at the cashier's window in the Business Administration building.

Who is eligible for a Faculty/Staff parking permit?

  • Teaching Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants, Full Time Faculty/Staff, part-time employees who are not students, retired faculty/staff, faculty members on modified retirement, adjunct professors, and contractual employees (Sodexho employees etc...)

What should I do if my parking permit is stolen?

  • It is important that you file a report with the UPD immediately.  This can avoid any citations being placed on your record after you filed the report.