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Job Fair
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Job Fair
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Career Exploration

career Exploration is available to you as a student, along with tools and assessments to help you on your journey to your dream job! Please login to Handshake to schedule an appointment to start designing a life you love.

The career development process can be daunting! Whether you are trying to choose a major, change your major, or want to learn more about yourself, career counseling appointments are designed to help you develop a personalized career plan. This will help you to make career decisions based upon your personality type, interests, skills, and underlying needs and motivations.


We use psychometrically-valid brain games to uncover your natural talents, then combine those aptitude measures with interests to generate the YouScience Profile. Within your Profile, you can explore aptitudes, review personalized career matches, and develop affirming language to better highlight your assets in interviews and resumes.

The power of YouScience lies in our performance measures of aptitudes and our ability to connect natural talent with in-demand careers. We cut through social noise and gender biases to create more equity and access – matching users to their best-fit careers and giving them the confidence and data to make informed decisions about their futures.

E-mail Lacey Henderson for a personalized code today!


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